Take Notes and Create Tasks - Be Productive and Efficient


taskNnote basic concept

1. Users can simply create notes. The main concept of taskNnote is helping users to take actions on their notes productively and efficiently.

2. When ToDoList does not give users a chance to visualize whatever users have to do.

3. taskNnote helps users to get reflections on already completed works and to focus on continuous improvement.


taskNwrite basic concept

1. Visualize your ideas, thoughts and share them in real time, anywhere

2. Improve ideas or concepts quickly in your team

3. Pictures are better than words

4. Whiteboard sessions are saved as tasks for further work and continuous improvement

5. Manage your memories after a whiteboard session easier, instead of tons of dusty paper in the corner







You need an Android device with version 4.x

or emulator Andy on Windows or Mac



Simple mode: Just create digital notes and set watermark for category

Clone or delete note by drag & drop on the plus or recycle bin icon




Add simple check list to your note and handle check list items on quick overview




Edit detail of your note

Google voice recognition is integrated




Add also simple hand drawing to your note

Many pages can be added to one note




Advance mode: manage your task with Eisenhower Matrix and 8 task boards.

Notes can be moved from one task board to another by drag & drop

Hand writing on note - e.g. note "Buy Books"




taskNnote and taskNwrite help you take notes and manage your daily tasks with a unique combination of Eisenhower Matrix and Kanban. taskNnote and taskNwrite are more then just taking note and task management, it facilitates Kaizen.


Eisenhower Matrix

shows the priority of tasks.

not urgent urgent
Importance important B / II:
Set a deadline and do by yourself

A / I:
do by yourself

not important D / IV:
not work on this task or through it into the recycle bin

C / III:
assign the task to your coworker



(Japanese 改善): Means literally good change and understood as continuous improvement. Kaizen has its root from Japan and is implemented at the beginning for business and quality management. Nowaday kaizen is spread out nearly in all fields of life.


(Japanese カンバン): Means literally signboard. Kanban is a scheduling method for lean production. Kanban is a well-known effective tool for Kaizen.